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Facebook Feature Update: Reply to Individual Comments On Your Facebook Page

After Facebook Pages Terms updates, I wanted to let you know about an another brand new “reply” feature you can turn on for your Facebook page! This feature allows you as a page admin, as well as fans of your page, to reply to individual comments on your posts. This is like the threaded comments you see on blogs and some forums.

As of right now, this is a Facebook feature that page admins need to turn on. To see this option, make sure that your admin panel is collapsed by clicking the Hide button, if necessary.

Then click Turn on Replies (see below Screenshot). If you don’t yet see this option, it should roll out to all Facebook pages soon, so keep checking back.


In the next screen you will see a confirmation message that replies have been turned on.

This new Facebook Feature update (Replies) are only available in NEW posts that are published on your page. The feature will not retroactively be added to old posts. To reply to an individual comment on a post, simply click the Reply link instead of entering your comment in the regular text field.

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