Our SEO Audit

Website Search Engine Optimization Audit

SEO audit provides you a plan to improve certain elements of yourSeo-Auditwebsite, so that the search engines choose you and improve search result as well as rank!

Below i have listed what you can expect in your SEO audit.

SEO Competitor Analysis

  • Competitive Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Competitive Incoming Link Profile
  • Competitors Site Traffic

Site-Level SEO Analysis

  • SEO Copywriting Review
  • Site Readability
  • Code Format

Accessibility Analysis

  • Spiderabilty Test
  • Advice on Optimizing Title & Meta Tags

URL & Site Structure Analysis

  • Sitemap Analysis & Review
  • Google Health Check

Page-Level SEO Analysis

  • Header Tag Analysis
  • Keyword Usage Review
  • Internal Page Review

Off-Site SEO Analysis

  • Analysis of Incoming Link Profile (External Links)
  • Link Building Recommendations